Enter the Shadows

Our world is radically different from that which our great-grandfathers knew. Where once superpower nations dominated the globe, threatening all with sudden nuclear annihilation, the superpowers are nothing more than fragments of their former glory, betrayed by political cowardice, malfeasance and greed: corporations have taken over their once immense power.
Our science and technology, unleashed from ethical boundaries, is used to exploit our world and its people on a daily basis.  Even magic, rising again from several millennia of absence, is nothing more than another tool to be exploited by those in power.

Forget the promises of progress and understanding. Forget the power of technology and science.  Forget the stillborn hope of The Awakening.  It's the Sixth World, and to live in such a time is to be one amongst untold millions.  A cog in a corporate machine, a pawn in the games of elves and dragons.

For those of us that have fallen into the cracks of society, wedged between hope and despair…this is no place for a hero.  We make our way the best we can – by being faster, stronger and just more ruthless than the other guy…

But that's life in the Sixth World, chummer. 





Campaigns on this site will use Shadowrun 3rd edition rules, interleaved with details and rules from Shadowrun 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th editions where they fit into the campaigns and do not compromise the fundamental spirit of the Shadowrun universe.  Please check out the wiki for campaign resources.

Enter the Shadows

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